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Chinese CKD Handbook


Li PKT, Chow KM, Law MC, Ng JK.

積極活好腎病. Chinese University Press 2022 (in Chinese)

Simplified Chinese (available as a free .PDF from the IACN website)

Traditional Chinese (available for free from Google Play)

• 850 million people suffer from chronic kidney disease (CKD) worldwide

• Kidney disease is the 6th leading cause of death in Hong Kong

• About 10,000 patients are living with end-stage renal disease (ESRD) in Hong

• More than 6,900 patients are undergoing dialysis

• More than 2,000 patients are waiting for kidney transplants every day

Preventing kidney disease
Preventing deterioration of early kidney disease

Reducing the incidence of complications

—A comprehensive guide to the basic knowledge of kidney disease, treatment
plans, and how to recover from kidney disease

This book gathers the rich clinical experience and scientific research results from
nephrologists, renal nurses, dietitians and physiotherapists in Hong Kong, expounding
in simple terms the causes of different types of kidney disease and the corresponding
medical treatment plans. It also offers information in taking care of different cohorts of
patients with kidney disease ranging from children, the elderly, women, and diabetics,
as well as everyday details that are worth attention. The book aspires to help people
suffering from kidney disease and their family members to manage the condition more

For patients, to manage kidney disease well means to live an engaged, normal life.
Every patient requires the help of various people such as medical staff, social workers,
dietitians, full-time healthcare professionals, fellow patients and family members
during the treatment process. In this book, these parties are invited to share and explain
how to treat kidney disease for the patients and their families.

Table of Contents

Foreword / ix
Preface / xxiii

Introduction / xxv

Acknowledgements / xxvii

Chapter 1 Renal Function / 1
Chapter 2 Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) / 7

Chapter 3 Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) / 15

Chapter 4 Adaptation Period / 25

Chapter 5 Dialysis / 33

Chapter 6 Kidney Transplant / 49

Chapter 7 Treatment Options / 63

Chapter 8 Kidney Palliative Care / 73

Chapter 9 Chronic Kidney Disease in Children / 81

Chapter 10 Elderly Patients / 89

Chapter 11 Female Patients / 97

Chapter 12 Diabetic Patients / 105

Chapter 13 Inherited Kidney Disease / 117

Chapter 14 Daily Life of a Kidney Disease Patient / 127

Chapter 15 Common Medication of a Kidney Disease Patient / 165

Chapter 16 Kidney Disease and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) / 179

Chapter 17 Epidemics and Kidney Disease Patients / 187

Chapter 18 Patients’ Sharing / 193

Chapter 19 FAQs / 203

Chapter 20 Glossary / 211

Chapter 21 Useful Information / 221

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