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Travenol History of Dialysis Movie (1982)
John Jacob Abel lecture

Dialysis with recovery at Hammersmith Hospital, London

John Merrill: Setting up dialysis and the Brigham

An interview with Hume, Merrill, and Scribner by Eugene Stead

Kolff at Kampen, the Netherlands, 1949

History of Dialysis: Men and Ideas (Carl Kjellstrand)

Paul Teschan’s unit in Korea (1950-53)

Recollections by Willem Kolff
Early dialysis at Schreiner’s Georgetown unit (silent)

Urea Kinetics in Dialysis (John Daugirdas)

Early manufacture of the Travenol twin coil kidney (silent)

Group Two Vidoes

These consist of additional links at public web sites, also devoted to the history of dialysis:

Pioneers in Nephrology 
(compiled by the European Renal Association and the Italian and French Societies of Nephrology)

Nephrology Video Legacy playlist
A 172 video playlist, the great work done by Dr. Kim Solez.

Additional audio video files of interest:

VOICE Expeditions: Interviews with sentinel nephrologists

1915 dialysis of a dog in Germany by George Haas

Stanley Shaldon reminisces

Homer Smith Comical Film about Renal Function

History of the U.K. Renal Association 1950-2021

Resurrection of Video Legacy Project April, 2018
(Kim Solez)

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